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Custom busbar arrangement for 1600A switchboard.

This board requires some custom busbars for the incoming section. We have a transformer feeding the board via 2 x 185mm crimp lug single conductors per phase. The bending radius on the cables is such that the customer wishes a custom incoming enclosure (fabricated / sprayed and welded) on to hte rear of the incoming section. The cables can then enter from rear / below and be terminated directly on bars within the enclosure. Not having the ability to manipulate the incoming cables very well lead to this solution.


The photograph displays short busbar landings. We will extend these out and into the connection box. This will require the enclosure to have suitable support for the newly extended bars.

The paint finish will be RAL 7035 semi gloss powder coat.

If you are a fabrication shop or spray shop that can offer services to us then by all means contact us here.

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