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Having had over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the controls sector we can offer you the client a high standard of service. We have numerous repeat custom from large well known corporations that know we can be trusted to carry out a well crafted solution for their needs. Our customers are diverse in fields and so require a wide and varied solutions base.

Granted most web sites have this very passage saying that they are the best etc. All we can say is we are not a flash in the pan but a tried and tested company who take a passion in what we do. Who can get excited about electrical controls? answer "we can". Maybe not as excited as waking up one day and winning the lottery, but our EMC employees are long term qualified committed members and work hard to provide a concise service.

Should you wish for a project to be quoted then this is the life cycle of a project.

1. Submit enquiry by email or fax. (Specification required if applicable)
2. We will call you to discuss further aspects of the project.
3. A quotation will be generated
4. Further to the quotation being accepted an order must be raised by yourself the client.
5. We will acknowledge your order and ask for specific details with regards to the project.
6. Design of the project will commence.
7. Designs are submit for approval to the client.
8. Approval of the project is sent back to us.
9. Manufacture of the project will commence and pre installation tasks are started (if required).
10. Project is tested in the workshop (if control panel)
11. Project is delivered and installed.
12 Project is commissioned and final tests carried out.
13. Commissioning and test reports are sent to client.
14. Payment is made to EMC for project.
15. Client thinks "that EMC are great I will give them more work"
16. EMC continues providing great products to it's customers