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Existing Control Panel / Upgrade / Modification

It is inevitable that should your system become old and without regular maintenance the overall controls installation with fall foul to common faults.

We can offer you the service of

Upgrading BMS controllers to interface with existing controls
· Upgrading contactors and overload
· Relay Inspection / Upgrade
· Valve / Actuator Inspection</strong>

Existing old Control Panel NOT SUPPLIED BY EMC (As you may see from the outside its looking a little worse for wear.)

Same Panel inside (Poor modification syndrome!, in other words over the years less than professional personnel have modified this panel and left without making it look half decent.) We see this time and time again, depending on the situation clients may decide to scrap the old panel and opt for us to quote for a brand new panel. The industry has moved on so much now that you could literally have you destop pc or home pc via an internet conncetion monitoring panels.


Should you be interested in us coming to have a look at your current installation then please do call us. We can assure you a professional quotation for the upgrading of an old system. It may be a refurb or a complete replacement you need either way we can accomodate your needs.