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Visual Display Units for BMS Information

When a project involves the monitoring of BMS plant and energy this information can be utilised and displayed on a visual display.


Corporate Usage

Should a project incorporate the appropriate controls then building data can be monitored in real time. This is beneficial from many aspects. Take for instance a large building that utilises eco related technologies for instance solar energy. The information provided by the solar equipment can be recorded and displayed on a visual display be it static / rolling or touch screen device. This can provide an excellent showcase for corporate businesses wishing to show customers and clients about the adoption of green energy within the organisation.

Green buildings are becoming more prevalent on new builds. Advertising the fact that your company is on board and willing can be great for the company image.


Schools can benefit from touch screens as they can display relevant information that children can take educate then when growing. Educating children to the effects of climate change and energy saving can instil a positive feeling. The fact that the children know that your school is trying to save energy in some way is beneficial for both the teachers and pupils.

Other factors can be displayed for instance the amount of rainwater collected with a buildings rainwater harvesting system. The outside temperature and weather conditions can inform children in a friendly way about atmospheric changes throughout a year.

Any aspect of the building can be subject to monitoring providing the relevant electrical controls are installed.

Energy Metering

Individual building that are sub divided or companies with departments that co-exist with a single building can be compared and displayed in real-time using a visual display. This can inform both staff and customers of the current energy usage be it heat or electric for specific areas.