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Building Management Systems – BMS Building Control

When it comes to regulating the true overall atmosphere throughout a building then BMS systems are needed. Governing temperature and climate throughout a building can dramatically increase the efficiency of a heating or cooling process. With this increase in efficiency it means less spent on fuels and so in turn your monthly costs are decreased. Various types of zoned and external sensors and are placed throughout a building infrastructure to monitor climate / temperature change / humidity etc depending on the plant we are controlling. These devices sense the various aspects of the environment and are recorded by a controller. This data is interpreted by what is known as a strategy. The strategy is a custom written program written to your systems needs. In addition to BMS systems there is what's know as a "head end system" which can be used for remote monitoring.

These days with the proliferation of the internet our customers are demanding the data be available on line. This is not a problem as we can install (accredited) products such as Satchwell XentaCylon UC32 and York Radar as well as Priva. All of these products offer a host of options to the end user. We can uses these devices to build a project that will suit your needs, it can be as technical as you wish.

Some clients require visual representation of all incoming set points and data whilst other prefer just a simple interface to administer their plant the choice is yours. Just give us a call and we can discuss your need plus let you see in real time a project working. This would show boilers in a real time state running and flow and return temperatures changing before your eyes. We can monitor just about anything it does not have to be a boiler. It may be a gate switch or a level control system. All of these thing have the ability to be logged and analysed over time for trends in plant behavior and diagnostics.

Having the ability to be internet enabled means that wherever you are plant can be monitored.

This technology is becoming more prevalent in school projects where eco technology is present. Rain harvesting and window ventilation not to mention biomass boilers are being used and monitored for secondary heating. The possibilities are truly endless so please do bare this in mind and let us provide you with a perfect fit for your controls needs.

Remember that this is not a brand new sector that has just emerged. We have been successfully installing these internet enabled systems for the last 5 years. It is merely an addition to the our skills (20 years plus) in the control field.

Should you be interested in BMS systems then please do contact us (01603 625535) .