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LV Switchgear / Dorman Smith / Modis 12 & 25

LV or low voltage switchgear is incorporated within the fabric of industrial electrical supplies. If you are in a medium sized premises then chances are there will be some form of LV switchgear looking after the plant and building. We at EMC have in the past built from scratch enclosures taking care of the design, fabrication, spraying, fitting and testing of switchgear.

Some year ago (about 12 now) EMC started using Dorman Smith Modis 12 (up to 1250a) and Modis 25/32 (up to 3200A) equipment. We have subsequently become good customers to TYCO (owners of the Dorman Smith brand) and build many projects based around these two product lines. Essentially the boards come in kit form and are built from the ground up. This may sound easy but of course in this diverse world we live in the “turnkey solution” does not always exist. If you were to order from TYCO then chances are the product would only fulfill a small of your needs if fine control and switching is required. This is where the skills of our control background shine through.

Some times projects require

1. Auto changover dual supply systems
2. Castell Interlocked safety circuits
3. Energy Metering
4. ACB incomers
5. MCCB devices

Just send us your sketch or project details and we can provide you with a solution for your distribution needs.

For more information on parts available for the Modis 12 range please download a brochure on these products. This would give you a good grounding as to what we can supply as a base product and additional control elements can be incorporated to suit. Modis 12 will take up to 1250A, any higher than that and a Modis 25 / 32 project will be required. For this and anything else please call us on 01603 625535.