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Motor Control

In today's market motors or used across a wide section of the commercial sector. It could be from standard squirrel cage motors in a typical boiler room situation or alternatively it could be a variable speed motor requiring the use of an inverter to ramp the run cycle up and down. Similarly soft starts are becoming more apparent throughout the industry.

Soft Start (definition):

A soft starter is another form of reduced voltage starter for A.C. induction motors. The soft starter is similar to a primary resistance or primary reactance starter in that it is in series with the supply to the motor. The current into the starter equals the current out. The soft starter employs solid state devices to control the current flow and therefore the voltage applied to the motor. In theory, soft starters can be connected in series with the line voltage applied to the motor, or can be connected inside the delta loop of a delta connected motor, controlling the voltage applied to each winding.

A typical example of an inverter control application was is a client who wished to train horses the motor would be controlled via a 240 to 415v inverter driving a variable speed motor which in turn rotated the mechanical structure from which where attached the horse bridals.

Another large Norwich based commercial plastics company has benefited from our inverter control panels and saved themselves £12,000 per year just for one are a of their plant. A schedule has now been developed in order to install inverter control across a wide area of their plant.

The direction and speed was completely controllable by means of a small potentiometer and push buttons located at the main control panel. There are a host of other applications for motor control but should you require any then please do contact us (01603 625535).